Why I’m a feminist and Why aren’t you?

Feminism. Feminist. Words that should have such good connotations attached to them- for being progressive, standing up for what’s right, equality- and yet actually seem to have the complete opposite stigmas held to them and as a feminist myself I struggle to understand why. I find it extrodinary that a person, man or woman, can proclaim that they are not a feminist. So, you’re sexist then? No? If a person was to say that they didn’t believe… View Post

Festival Vibes

Festival season is soon upon us here in the UK and I don’t know about you but when I think about festivals all that springs to mind is tassels and boots (and the music obviously). I’m also that person that will still wear all black on a hot summers day- so here you have it, the perfect all black festival day look complete with plenty of tassels and ankle boots! I found this cute little playsuit in Pull &… View Post


  For those who don’t know me or haven’t read my blog before, I set this website up to coincide with my job as a full time model- to work much more closely alongside brands and give an insight into my life (for those of you who care)- but not long after launching I became so busy with modelling clients that unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat. Its been nearly a year though now since… View Post

Summer Days

Being from Manchester myself and having only moved to London last Christmas, I’m truly shocked that summers could actually be hot in England- its a revelation! I’ve been taking full advantage of this southern heat and have been residing myself at any park I can to soak up all that Vitamin D goodness. So I thought I would just do a little outfit post and share with you what I wore when I went to the infamous Hyde… View Post

Holiday Two-Piece

Following on from my previous posts where I talked about an all in one swimming costume and then swimwear with high waisted briefs, the only thing left to show you from my holiday is a two piece. This was my favourite one that I packed. Simple yet chic. Shock that it’s from H&M again but I think that they get swimwear so right every year. This particular one is almost like scuba material which I loved about it, it made… View Post