Why I’m a feminist and Why aren’t you?

Feminism. Feminist. Words that should have such good connotations attached to them- for being progressive, standing up for what’s right, equality- and yet actually seem to have the complete opposite stigmas held to them and as a feminist myself I struggle to understand why.

I find it extrodinary that a person, man or woman, can proclaim that they are not a feminist. So, you’re sexist then? No? If a person was to say that they didn’t believe in the equality of the races, then they are racist. If a person was to say that they didn’t believe in the equality of the LGBT community, then they are homophobic. Yet, people around the world openly admit to not agreeing with feminism, which is purely about equality of the sexes, yet apparently they aren’t sexist. You can’t have it both ways.

I have heard comments from some people when discussing feminism such as “but what about equality for men” and quite honestly they sound like the type of people that say “white lives matter too” (insert eye rolling emoji here). Of course white lives matter too and of course men’s equality matters too but neither have faced the same oppression and inequality throughout history so I’m sorry that they don’t have their own word or slogan for any discriminations that they have but to be honest it would have been great if there was never any inequality to start with and the feminist movement never had to begin- but there was and it did. And thank god it did because without those women that stood up for all the future generations, that fought for what they knew was wrong and some dying in the process, we might not be where we are today. Which is why for women especially to say they don’t agree with feminism kills me a little inside. If the movement never began, we wouldn’t be allowed to vote. To vote! Just let that just sink in for a minute. We were viewed as such second class citizens, so unimportant, our views so dismissible that we didn’t have a say in the country that we lived in. Nothing, nada, zilch- men decided for us. Let us not take for granted the rights that we have now because of the women who cared in the past. It is now your duty to care today.

I have also received comments from people that claim I can’t be a feminist when I’m a model and pose in my underwear for a living (there aren’t enough eye rolling emojis to put here). One of the main rights that feminists fight for is choice, to do whatever they damn well want to do and be. I got the good grades and I have my degree, yet I chose to be a model. I enjoy it and I am proud to be part of one of the very very few industries where women get paid more then men (which men complain about- rightly so admittedly but the hypocrisy is obvious). People who claim women like Beyoncé or Emily Ratatowski can’t be feminists because they show off their bodies are missing the point- they are their bodies to do with as they wish. When Justin Beiber can share a naked photo of himself on Instagram and be gushed over and a woman does it and she’s an embaressment– sexism is still rife, make no doubt about that.

To touch back on men’s inequality- because I think it’s important to acknowledge both sides when fighting for equality- they are very much real. This facade that men shouldn’t be seen as weak, shouldn’t cry or talk about their problems is so dangerous. Male suicide rates in the UK are three times higher than women and there has to be an underlying issue there. They need to be addressed promptly- but for a man to agree with feminism it doesn’t dismiss these issues. You can agree with equality for both. The HeForShe campaign created by UNWomen and fronted by Emma Watson is a great start for men to openly agree with feminism but the fact that in 2017 we still need a campaign to get men on board for women’s rights baffles me. Men of quality do not fear equality. I think we all just need to look out for each other more- I want men to have the same rights as me, and I want men to want me to have the same rights as them. Simple.

I don’t want to be told that I shouldn’t get in a taxi on my own because I might get attacked. That I might be raped. ‘Women shouldn’t walk on their own after dark’- well unfortunatley in Britain it’s dark come 4pm in the winter and I don’t want to have to be accompanied by a male just to go to and from work. How about instead of teaching how women can avoid being raped- lets teach men not to rape. Crazy idea?

I don’t want to live in a world where the President of the USA can talk about ‘grabbing a woman by the pussy’ and then be told I shouldn’t be annoyed over it because it’s just ‘locker room talk’. His views and comments towards women appal me and I find it so regressive that a man with his negative views about half of the population could have been voted into power.

I don’t want to open the newspaper and see the Prime Minister of the UK, the most powerful woman in Britain, and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who deal with the upmost of important issues in our country be reduced to nothing but a comparison of their legs.

I don’t want to live in a world where in India a woman can be raped but then she can’t report it through fear of being punished herself for having sex outside/before marriage. Or even being forced to marry the rapist afterwards. Horrifying.

I don’t want to raise any future daughters I may have in a world where they are shamed for their own bodies. Where they are shamed for breast feeding. Where men in power can dictate whether they can have an abortion or not. If you believe there isn’t anything left to fight for, that we are already equal, then you’re wrong.

We are very lucky how far we have come in the West and to many it may seem like we are equal but I believe all women will encounter some type of sexism in their life, whether that be casual sexism in our society or something more sinister but there are women all over the world who are not so lucky, who are still oppressed and are still fighting for the things that we take for granted. Just because it may not directly effect you in your everyday life does not mean that you should ignore it and proclaim that feminism isn’t needed and you ‘don’t agree with it’. Women that you didn’t know fought for you to be where you are now, don’t turn your back on the people that still need fighting for.


Festival Vibes

Festival season is soon upon us here in the UK and I don’t know about you but when I think about festivals all that springs to mind is tassels and boots (and the music obviously). I’m also that person that will still wear all black on a hot summers day- so here you have it, the perfect all black festival day look complete with plenty of tassels and ankle boots!

I found this cute little playsuit in Pull & Bear- quite loose fitting with bell sleeves, a V-neck front with strappy detail for only £20. Also great for a beach cover up on holiday or to throw on when the sun goes down! I’ve styled it with this gorgeous fringed suede jacket from Zara. I try and steer clear from buying clothes with silver finishing’s just because all my jewellery is gold so it can clash but I loved this so much I bought it anyway. The tassels go all the way around the back and down the sleeves- perfect for dancing the night away at the main stage!

The bag of choice for this outfit, keeping in mind people dancing and drinking all day and night- is this studded cross body from Mango. Unless you’re wearing a rucksack it’s probably your safest bet so you don’t loose it! This bag isn’t available anymore but I’ve found similar here and a rucksack option here.

Everyone needs a good pair of black boots in their life that can be dressed up or worn in the day- these boots I stumbled across in the sale in Debenhams. The black ones are sold out online now but the tan pair are still available here (I might have bought those too)! If you wanted to add a pop of colour to the outfit anyway then the tan would look great!



For those who don’t know me or haven’t read my blog before, I set this website up to coincide with my job as a full time model- to work much more closely alongside brands and give an insight into my life (for those of you who care)- but not long after launching I became so busy with modelling clients that unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat. Its been nearly a year though now since I first set it up and with an amazing management behind me (Proof Management) I thought it was about time to give it that extra push and make sure I’m updating my posts on here, so please keep checking as I have lots coming your way.



Now back to the post at hand and I’m talking everything accessories, in particular the famous GG Gucci belt. I was lucky enough that my boyfriend bought me this little gem for being, and I quote, ‘the best girlfriend ever’ (seriously ask him). I’ve had my eye on it for a while though now so I’m so happy to have it as its quite hard to get your hands on.

I think accessories are so important with an outfit- whether that be a bag, jewellery or in this case a belt. Honestly, picture this outfit without the belt and it really isn’t great, it doesn’t look finished at all.

You can wear this belt with anything really, a distressed denim skirt, wrapped around your waist with a little summery day dress or smart/casual as I’ve worn here.
























If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that I love high street retailers- great for wardrobe top ups, keeping up with fast fashion today and no one can deny the price points are great but I think one way to enhance your outfit is with designer accessories. They’re much more affordable than buying a whole wardrobe from Gucci for example and they can add a touch of luxury to any high street outfit. I’ve paired this Gucci belt (larger size here) with some ankle grazer jeans, satin lace cami top, bag and blazer (similar here) all from H&M and a pair of black stilettoes from Zara (similar here) to create a classic style great for heading out for dinner or drinks.



 Photography- Rebecca Spencer

Summer Days


Being from Manchester myself and having only moved to London last Christmas, I’m truly shocked that summers could actually be hot in England- its a revelation! I’ve been taking full advantage of this southern heat and have been residing myself at any park I can to soak up all that Vitamin D goodness.

So I thought I would just do a little outfit post and share with you what I wore when I went to the infamous Hyde Park.  If you’ve never been before I would suggest you make some time to. It’s absolutely massive so you can decide to be near the hustle and bustle of it all, renting boats out on the lake, sipping on a cocktail at one of their bars- or find yourself a nice quiet corner for a picnic or a deck chair to doze on. Bliss.


I bought a cute navy playsuit form H&M and it was perfect for a hot summers day to throw on with some sandals (not surprisingly from H&M too) and be on my way. It’s frilled all the way around which makes it floaty and loose- perfect combination. The necklace is also from H&M (I must stop) and my sunglasses are from Ralf Lauren. I’m all about easy fashion, I don’t like anything too fussy and actually rarely wear prints. I also still mostly wear dark colours in the summer- I’m one of those people whose half their wardrobe is black and struggle to match the different colours of black whilst getting ready! The struggle is real.



Holiday Two-Piece



Following on from my previous posts where I talked about an all in one swimming costume and then swimwear with high waisted briefs, the only thing left to show you from my holiday is a two piece. This was my favourite one that I packed. Simple yet chic. Shock that it’s from H&M again but I think that they get swimwear so right every year. This particular one is almost like scuba material which I loved about it, it made it really tight (in a comfortable way) that held me in and pushed me up in all the right places.


The style of this is a bit of a copy of the very popular Triangle bikini, which a lot of brands are doing at the moment because although it is heavily in demand, it does come with a bit of a higher price tag. If you have a bigger budget to spend, they are definitely a brand to check out. If you’ve read my blog before though you’ll know that I love a bargain and with the top costing £12.99 and briefs £7.99 (now on sale for £2.39) I don’t think you can go wrong. The hat is continuing the theme of savvy holiday shopper and is from Primark. I have had this one in my wardrobe for a while now but I’ve found a great alternative here. I love the simplicity of both of them, I think the bikini looks expensive with the ivory colour and thick black lining around the edges, and to me it’s all about how you wear something- style is something you have, not something you can buy. Don’t let other bloggers make you believe that you have to have a millionaire bank account and ‘instagram model’ lifestyle to be fashionable. After all, Olivia Palermo still shops at Zara.