Holiday Two-Piece



Following on from my previous posts where I talked about an all in one swimming costume and then swimwear with high waisted briefs, the only thing left to show you from my holiday is a two piece. This was my favourite one that I packed. Simple yet chic. Shock that it’s from H&M again but I think that they get swimwear so right every year. This particular one is almost like scuba material which I loved about it, it made it really tight (in a comfortable way) that held me in and pushed me up in all the right places.


The style of this is a bit of a copy of the very popular Triangle bikini, which a lot of brands are doing at the moment because although it is heavily in demand, it does come with a bit of a higher price tag. If you have a bigger budget to spend, they are definitely a brand to check out. If you’ve read my blog before though you’ll know that I love a bargain and with the top costing £12.99 and briefs £7.99 (now on sale for £2.39) I don’t think you can go wrong. The hat is continuing the theme of savvy holiday shopper and is from Primark. I have had this one in my wardrobe for a while now but I’ve found a great alternative here. I love the simplicity of both of them, I think the bikini looks expensive with the ivory colour and thick black lining around the edges, and to me it’s all about how you wear something- style is something you have, not something you can buy. Don’t let other bloggers make you believe that you have to have a millionaire bank account and ‘instagram model’ lifestyle to be fashionable. After all, Olivia Palermo still shops at Zara.





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