The Pale Girl Holiday Prep


I know you’re probably thinking ‘why is she putting fake tan on before a holiday’? Well, I tried to go cold turkey, I really did but I am SO pale. Seriously, aluminous.

For this holiday though (travelling to Spain on Tuesday) I really wanted to have all my tan scrubbed off and start a fresh to see if it helped me tan better. Day by day I scrubbed it all off until the true me shone through and I was glowing white. I really struggle to tan on holiday you see- I don’t burn and I don’t change colour- literally nothing happens. I really try as well, always using sun creams that have a ‘tan accelerator’ in and as much as I hate doing it, sit out in the sun all day to no avail. The only time I’ve ever managed to get a tan was when I was working in Ibiza as I was there for around three months. Obviously I cant have a three month holiday every time so here in lies my problem.

Some people look great with the whole English rose look but I’m just not confident with it at all and really struggled at work, feeling very self conscious getting onto set and having ‘fair’ foundation put on me. So I succumbed and bronzed myself up again.


St Tropez bronzing mousse is my go to tan. I’ve trialled many a fake tan over the years but this seems to give me the most natural colour, zero streaks, and as long as I moisturise, no scaly looking skin. Although I want to look like a bronzed goodness that lives in a hut on the beach, I have to be careful not to go to far, if I start turning up to castings and jobs looking like I’ve rolled around in mud instead of my morning shower then I’m not going to be booked for much work. Again, St Tropez is great for this, it makes me look natural. Much to my amusement when makeup artists ask me what my background is, where are my parents from, Greece maybe? No, Manchester. I’m pleasantly reaffirmed that it’s working.


As I was buying my fortnightly purchase of bronzing mousse, I noticed the new St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower and I pondered. I had read some mixed reviews on this product and honestly couldn’t really fathom how it could work without causing a streaky mess. But it was on offer and I thought, if I’m going to be a blogger, I need to review new products. So in my basket it went.

I used my bronzing mousse as usual and then have used this in the shower every other day since, and I have to say, so far so good. It has kept my tan a lovely colour, lasting longer than usual, yet very subtle and you’ll be pleased to hear- no water mark streaks all over me as I envisaged and my bath tub hasn’t turned a murky yellow colour. Perfect.


I do however, still want to at least try to start the holiday with a little less fake tan on so I’ll be using this little bottle of goodness. It’s the St Tropez Tan Enhancing Polish and is designed to be used pre tan to exfoliate and ready your skin for the new olive skinned you. Which is great and is really worth doing before you tan to help it last longer.

I will be using it for the complete opposite of this mind and the morning of leaving I will scrub my entire body in the hope that having a little less tan on will suddenly make me tan like I do in my dreams.


I also came across this tub of Carrot Sun Cream which claims to help you to ‘develop a deeply golden and long lasting tan FAST’ and I bought it on impulse. I have never used it before, nor know anything about it. I was assured however by the woman on the till at Superdrug that it works…the truth or purely up selling is still unknown- but as a struggling tanner- I lapped it up and out came my card.

It works apparently by applying over a sun cream lotion (SPF30+) and activates your skin’s natural melanin production when becoming exposed to the sun because of the carrot oil and another natural tanning accelerator called L-Tyrosine.

I’m excited to try it (as you can see from the image, I couldn’t wait to take a picture before sticking my finger in and seeing what it’s like) and I’m really hoping that it works so fingers crossed the next post you see from my holiday I will be glowing!

To be continued..



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