Tips For Keeping Fit On Holiday


Now I know not many people initially think about exercising when planning a holiday and imagining all the fun things you can do in the sun, or more to the point- relaxing things you can do, however, to stay fit on holiday is actually reasonably easy.

By the time you’re away, you’ve already done the run up to the holiday intense panic work out so whilst you’re there it’s all about keeping those pounds off and staying toned throughout. If you’ve put in all the hard work to look great in your holiday snaps only to arrive and stuff your face everyday and drink all the alcohol in the bar, then you’re not going to last the two weeks still looking your best are you?

Its all about maintaining what you’ve already achieved, which is obviously much easier than getting to your goal in the first place, so it really is doable. The ever popular and growing trend of HIT workouts make it even simpler. I actually don’t mind exercising but even I wouldn’t want to go for an hour jog in the heat when I could be on the beach, so a HIT workout is perfect whilst you’re away. It stands for High Intensity Training where you basically do a lot of exercise in a short amount of time, usually repeating the same 1-3 basic exercises with shorts gaps in between. I’ve added a quick abs HIT work out to my YouTube channel which I did on my holiday which you can view here but there are plenty of others you can find just by searching on Google or Instagram- you can find all over body workouts, or videos for abs, bums, tums etc, whatever type you need.

This type of exercise means that you only need to find 15 minutes in your day so you’re not loosing any valuable holiday time. Try doing this just before breakfast and then you’re done and can get on with your plans. You don’t need to do it every day either (if you can great) but every other day is just as good when you’re only maintaining that beach bod.


Keeping fit whilst away doesn’t have to be quite so regimented either, there are plenty of other things you can be doing. I find being active on holiday quite easy because I struggle to just sit and bake in the sun anyway and I also have the most energetic boyfriend ever so we will always do some sort of sport-  bat and ball, catch, football or water sports etc. All great things to do at the beach or in the pool and all great for keeping fit- and fun at the same time!

Try not to think about it as a strenuous thing and just as an extension to what you would normally do at home- just catering it to your holiday life and what works for you. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you get home and don’t feel completely slugglish and dread that first day back in the gym post holiday.


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